A balanced response to COVID-19

International health data and experience is showing that New Zealand’s goal of elimination of Sars-Cov2 and use of lockdowns is unnecessary, and even more harmful than the problem we’re trying to solve.

Plan B represents the knowledge, perspectives and questions of the multi-disciplinary group of expert and passionate people that set it up in April 2020, on how and why New Zealand should modify its response to COVID-19.

This is a record of our stand against the Government and medical advisors who tried to eliminate the virus using lockdowns and other social control measures, while waiting for vaccines.

COVID-19 Science and Policy Symposium Webinar

We are hosting an international Covid-19 Symposium on Friday 12 February, from 7.30pm GMT (8.30am, Sat 13 February NZ time). See here for details.

We hosted a Symposium on 17 August 2020. Read about it here, and watch the presentations here

Our effort has taken energy and commitment, but it also takes money to spread the word. If you can help, please: