Symposium 2020

The COVID-19 Science and Policy Symposium was held as a Zoom webinar on 17 August 2020. You can re-watch the day’s events here, or read a written summary here.


About the Symposium

New Zealand has been one of the countries least impacted by Covid19. Following the lockdown, life was able to return to normal in contrast to the rest of the world – although our border remained closed.

What does New Zealand do now? Are we still intent on elimination? If so, do we wait until a vaccine is available? What conditions would necessitate a new lockdown? What are the alternative measures? What is the latest data on the threat of the virus? If the case rate remains tolerable here and/or overseas, when and how do we open the border?

The COVID-19 Symposium, featuring international and local health experts, will lay out the most recent data and discuss options.

When: 9:15am – 4:20pm, Monday 17 August 2020.

Where: Zoom

Click here to download the event programme.


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