Australia and NZ: Compared

Australian chief medical officer Professor Brendan Murphy talks to NZ’s Epidemic Response Select Comittee on how long term vigilence, without lockdown, is suppressing virus impact.

Wuhan Covid-19 lockdown ends

April 11: The people of the city where the first virus was first detected are taking their first cautious steps outside after being confined for three months.

N.Y. Avoids Predicted Surge at Hospitals

April 10: Officials had estimated that 140,000 hospital beds might be needed to treat coronavirus patients. Only about 18,500 were in use by week’s end.

Ioannidis says emerging data suggest COVID19 doesn’t warrant extreme reaction
April 3. John Ioannidis explains that emerging data on COVID-19 suggests the disease does not warrant the extreme Western response.

Ioannidis: Not enough data for big decisions
March 17: John P.A. Ioannidis, professor of medicine, epidemiology, and population health, at Stanford University School of Medicine, says the public health response could be a fiasco because big decisions are being made without enough data.