Another Medical Professor says no to elimination and lockdowns

The only people in the world still believing in elimination and lockdowns seem to be NZ politicians, the government advisory group and media…

This from Martin Kulldorff, PhD, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School:

Covid-19 cannot be contained in the long run, and so all countries will eventually reach herd immunity. To think otherwise is naive and dangerous. General lockdown strategies can reduce transmission and death counts in the short term. But this strategy cannot be considered successful until lockdowns are removed without the disease resurging.

The question is not whether to aim for herd immunity as a strategy, because we will all eventually get there. The question is how to minimise casualties until we get there. Since Covid-19 mortality varies greatly by age, this can only be accomplished through age-specific countermeasures. We need to shield older people and other high-risk groups until they are protected by herd immunity.

Delaying Herd Immunity Is Costing Lives